Emotional control and intelligence

“Your emotions aren’t fixed facts; they’re flexible. It’s all in how you interpret your situation. Tell a different story and you’ll automatically generate a different emotional response.” Emotional intelligence is the ability to use, identify, empathize with others, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, relieve stress, diffuse conflict and overcome challenges. [...]

Focus and Concentration

There is no short and simple way to overcome lack of concentration. Under relaxed and calm conditions we possess greater mental flexibility  and function but under conditions of pressure or when we allow emotional stress to increase and disturbe, we tend to rely on our own particular concentration bias. We are not the mind nor [...]

Symptoms of depression

Depression is a disease that is often overlooked or mistaken for some other disease. In this article we hope we can help you by examining all of the symptoms of depression so you can discover the disease yourself at the right time. There are some symptoms that are common for all the patients that were [...]